Norwegian Masters 2017


So despite my lack of love for current balance of Warmachine, me and another idiot from Finland decided to take a trip to Norwegian masters. There will be complaining about the game so tread with caution.

We were playing the actual masters on Saturday and then a little less serious team tournament on Sunday with a famous international warmachine/podcast star filling up our roster. Like I said I’m not very happy about balance of warmachine right now and haven’t played very much Including never testing my final list for this trip. Also in all the excitement I forgot to take photos of most of my games. If I remember something wrong, feel free to contact me here or on facebook/twitter.

First of all the props to the organizers, there was a lot of people just judging and collecting scores and stuff for warmachine events, there were awesome little booklets with terrain and scenarios for each round (including different tables for the team tournament!) and there was plenty of 2d terrain for each table.

Special thanks to one of the locals who was nice (or stupid) enough to let a lot of WMH player to his house after the games on Saturday and helped a pair of drunk Finns to get to their hotel too!

Norwegian Masters:
My lists: HERE

Not too much teching for this tournament, Kallus is a list I’ve played 2 games before, right after mk3 came out with some techy specialists to go either armor or infantry hunting. Fyanna seems to like the tier. Though awesome indeed, Proteus ain’t worth playing the list out of tier. I made a needlessly complicated excel sheet about switching specialists but in the end survived without looking at it.

So naturally we went out the night before our early morning flight, came back to my place at 3am and left for the airport at 5am. Arrived to Norway 40 minutes before the start of rounds and took the most expensive taxi ride I’ve done in my life. Oops. Luckily the organizers (though maybe not too happy about it) were willing to make things work despite us players once again making it hard as possible.

Game 1: Kallus vs. High Reclaimernorja1

A gorgeous, mustachioed villain from Sweden with Amon/High Reclaimer. Not exactly loving the fact that I come to Norway to play first round against a guy I meet more times per year than most Finnish players but luckily he is one of the cuddliest guys in Warmachine and I’m actually excited to play the current menoth power pairing. 

I drop Kallus because he’s in my pairing just so I don’t autolose to jackspam. I get reclaimer which seems pretty bad cause of all the infantry clearing but then again he only has one heavy. I switch out the solos and a hellmouth to play all the units.

My opponent goes first and runs forward which is really, really bad for me because I feel I need to feat turn one. I think I get all my swordsmen and most raptors & grotesques on the edges, hellmouth is out. My opponent does a good job of clearing stuff and I lose most of my grotesques to a few HoF sprays but thanks to my feat and him having trouble killing the hellmouth I have a lot of my better units and some incubi for spotclearing left. With dark guidance I get quite a lot done to his infantry and with strength aura kill his only heavy thinking I’m doing quite well considering who/what is on the other side.

Then my opponent places some proxybases and tells me I’m dead. Kallus is camping two, in a cloud with BB armor aura and my army between him and my opponents guys. So my opponent kills his attendant priest and some knights exemplar, reclaimer feats attendant priest and a devil dog (within 9’’ of sam and then within 9’’ of the attendant priest) and 3 KE+UA (Ua once again within command to give command to the others…) and hand of faiths the exemplars. With a 6 inch move he easily gets the devil dog to within 4’’ of my caster meaning I’m auto KD and then I take some redeemer rockets (though some still miss me thanks to def 7 in a cloud!) and 4 HoF weaponmasters to face and die.

Luckily I know my opponent and he would probably beat me in a fair game as easily so I’m not too pissed about the loss. I still have to say that there is simply no way that this assassination is ok. Automatic KD from 20’’ from where reclaimer can walk/charge (and 9’’+9’’+30mm+6’’ walk from Sam but still) is simply stupid. Reclaimer is extremely good with HoF spraydudes or weaponmasters even without being able to trivially assassinate almost everything.

I feel like my best chance in the future is to take one of legions casters with access to knockdown immunity. Oh right.
Anyway 0-1.

Game 2: Fyanna vs. Wurmwood

After losing the first round I know I’m in for some easier matchups. Right. I’ve been wondering about how my Fyanna list can do in the Circle matchups and wurmwood can just destroy Kallus so I drop Fyanna into Wurmwood in Outlast. I play my core list of raptors, Annyssa and ambushing raiders with 2 neraphs, seraph and an angelius. Its pretty awesome to say no to sentry stones and Wurmwood ADing.

I have to go second again and thanks to thinking all warpwolves are stalkers don’t respect the threat range enough so I lose a neraph turn 2 but My opponent only puts a mannikin and some reeves into the zone where he isn’t commited. I clear the zone and kill a lot of his reeves and heavily shift there to dominate with my feat on. I flare the committed pureblood and ambush my grotesques to charge 6 of them in while the rest flood the zone but the seraph fails its only damage roll and the grotesques fail to hit 5s so the pureblood lives (though surrounded by grotesques).

My opponent thinks he has a casterkill and uses most of his army to enable that and i think gets most if not all of my transfers with reeve CRAs (oops) realises that he fucked it up the last minute and hands me the turn where I finish the pureblood, kill cassius, clear the zone and dominate to go to 4 points. With his only warpwolf left frenzying from primal he clears his own zone to score 2 and we shake.

Its always sucks when games go to one mistake like this but this isn’t the first or the last time that a circle assassination get messed up by a brain fart. I think wurmwood is much more manageable with the smaller feat but is still ridiculously strong. Hellmouth is still too good thanks to the easy access to souls and free anchor mannikins.


Game 3: Kallus vs. Makeda1

Another Swedish guy that I meet about monthly. This time with makeda2/makeda1. I drop Kallus because I know he loves his kitkats and my double assassins with dark guidance would be quite golden there but he drops makeda1 with a mammoth. I take all my infantry, 2 assassins and a warlord.

After first turns of running he kills some of my models and protects his mammoth from my charges with some infantry models and his feat. I see an opening here, go to cast dark guidance so my hellmouth tentacles can drag to of the legends of halaak out but mess it up with model placement. Realizing that I wont get anything done and Kallus is far too close I have to put my blightbringer in front of Kallus.

My opponent takes the opportunity, mammoth kills the blightbringer and the rest of his army keep killing my dudes. I throw most of my models into the mammoth and finally Kallus himself kills it while on the other side some grotesques and tentacles are dying in front Molik and a gladiator to keep them away. My opponent kills almost everything I have left and goes to dominate a flag camping two with 2 blood quenched tokens.

I get to go in for a final caster kill attempt, clear some of my own dudes, dark guidance and ignite the swordsmen, get 2 swordsmen and a charging grotesque assassin into Makeda but despite the feat damage on her I don’t even come close. Kallus is empty and takes Molik to face.

My opponent didn’t give me the match after the game even though we realized he cheated by jackhammering 2 of my grotesques despite being more than 6’’ out.

Skorne seems pretty interesting actually. I’m not sure if I think Makeda’s feat not being limited to faction models is ok (In this game it was just Orin and a gobber chef but it could be Wrong Eye or Rorsh). Anyway a fun game that I could have won if I had played better than my opponent.


Game 4: Fyanna vs. Witch Coven

Against Cryx on incursion. I think my opponent had Coven/pDenny but at this point i’m drinking straight gin in the fun brackets so my memories aren’t quite as razor sharp as usual. Opponent drops Coven. Anyway I think that against both feats I’d rather have Fyanna’s feat so I take Fyanna, my core list from earlier but switch Annyssa to a Naga to take care of machine wraiths. I get to deny AD on DJ and Barathrum.

I run, My opponent runs and feats, I ponder for a moment, bring in the ambushing grotesques from one side to engage a unit of soul hunters while everything else moves back (essentially giving him 3 points on incursion…) stay out his melee threat but make a rookie mistake of not filling up my forsaken to get rid of run2engage raiders. Opponent runs to engage my army and controls for 3 points.

I start doing Fyanna stuff. Fyanna kills a few dudes, feats and furies up a Neraph (or an angel who remembers) my beasts and raptors kill a lot of his infantry & one of the jacks and sprint to the flags while my grotesques decide to go hardcore and actually manage to kill some soulhunters. My opponent pretty much fails to do anything meaningful thanks to my feat making my guys dodge around the flags.

After another turn of me killing his dudes (and my grotesques killing soul hunters without gang) my opponents brings the coven close enough that I put 2 heavies into the Egregore to win.


Game 5: Fyanna vs. Witch Covennorja2

Another Cryx. Coven with something else but I know its Coven with some drunken certainty. I drop Fyanna into Coven and this time I take Annyssa instead of Naga that I don’t really need. I get to deny AD on deathjack.

Same thing happens again except on a slower scenario. Sadly, this time my plan of getting back doesn’t work. At all. I fill up both the neraphs and the angelius just to kill 3 cavalry models and barely get to my own zone. My opponent scores to four on his turn and I’m losing on attrition too.

I take a long time thinking about how to do a casterkill with an engaged seraph, and engaged angelius with body and mind gone and 4 mostly engaged raptors. Seraph slipstreams one of the raptors out of melee and doubleboosts a flare shot on Egregore, fyanna heals the angelius’ body, slipstreams it and gallows the egregore and even gets to hit him once. The hellion sprays the Egregore for no damage. Angelius charges, boosts to hit and armorpierces the Egregore for 14 points that my opponent cancels with 3 focus and hits again for maybe some damage. 2 raptors run to block LoS to another one so I get to charge 1 more into the Egregore rolling exactly what I needed thanks to my opponent using more focus than necessary earlier.

After a 25 minute turn I had 7s left on my clock when Egregore dies.

3-2 and thanks to only losing to Swedish proplayers I actually get 11th place out of starting 64 though there were quite a lot of drops. Mistakes were made on both sides and so far only the High Reclaimer game was clearly one sided even though I didn’t know it until my caster was dead.

Team tournament:
1 list per player without specialists, we’re in this more to have fun than to do well so we just take what lists we want without thinking too hard on the matchups. So my list is one of the versions from Saturday:
Theme: Ravens of War

(Fyanna 2) Fyanna, Torment of Everblight [+28]
– Angelius [17]
– Neraph [12]
– Neraph [12]
– Seraph [14]
– Naga Nightlurker [8]
Grotesque Raiders (max) [12]
Blighted Nyss Raptors (max) [18]
The Forsaken [0]
The Forsaken [4]
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion [6]

Game 1: Fyanna vs. Unanorja3

We’re matched against Coven from yesterday, Amon and Una2. I don’t think I can crack Amon and as the others are fine with it and I don’t want to play against the Coven player again so soon (even though he was a nice guy!) my ’’friends’’ ’’let’’ me ’’play’’ against Una2 with 10 griffons, gorax and 2 sentries. I deny AD on the sentries.

Short: Una gets to go first and I lose.

Long: Una runs the griffons, I flare 2 of them but fail to kill either one thanks to bad damage rolls and not getting LoS with one of my raptors they both live which means next turn the apparition’d griffon kills my angelius and half a Neraph and everything else gets engaged by the griffons with Unas feat.

I bring in my ambush grotesques and run towards una and the sentries in the backfield and with crazy luck manage to shoot a flare into a griffon in melee and finish it. Can’t do anything against the rest of griffons or Una 22’’ behind them or get to the zones. I feat. My opponent boxes in and kills a neraph and engages the other heavies and kills some of my raptors and most of the grotesques with mannikin sprays and griffons.

My opponent leads 3-0 and I don’t have stuff that can get to the zones thanks to una2 setting the line of battle almost into my deployment. I kill some birds but still can’t get through all the griffons and only get some grotesques to contest unas own flag. Una kills them easily and raptors and dominates to go to 4.

I see and opening and slipstream after apparition, start surfing Una with overtake but fail to hit a blackclad thanks to cover and end up less than an inch too far to strike at empty Una. My opponent trivially removes rest of the grotesques on his flag to dominate a win.

Ok. Theres just no way that Una2 isn’t broken. Everyone who thinks that she’s only extremely powerful because Cygnar (the second best faction after Una/WW) can play into her is an idiot. Having 10 def 15, stealth, immune to melee guys 9’’ from your opponents board edge while your caster sits in wind wall 28’’ behind them is not OP, its gamebreaking. Especially when those models are cheap and can trivially kill colossals with primal and flank (going up to mat 10 too so defense doesn’t help either).

Only the dirty Swede in our team wins (probably by cheating) so we lose the first round.

Game 2: Fyanna vs. Jaga-Jaga

Jaga-Jaga, Khador caster 3 and Exulon Thexus. I get to play into minions. My opponent has double raiders, a sacral vault, 2 angry octopus and a wrastler. I deny AD on the croaks. Ravens of War is pure money. Scenario is outlast.

First turn my opponent runs everything, I stay out the croaks threat with most of my stuff and shoot some raiders with raptors I guess. Croaks come in and set a Neraph on fire and put some damage in. I bring in the ambushers on the side where they can engage most grotesques. On the other side I fail to kill a croak furthest away on the other zone with raptors meaning I can only score the other zone. With a neraph and a naga shot I clear it and find out that I don’t necessarily have to feat if I protect the sprinted neraph with my admonitioned angelius. I engage the wrastler and most of the croaks on the other side with raiders and dominate to go to 2.

My opponents shoots half of one of my neraphs away with the vault despite neraph being behind a wall, puts an octopus and croaks into my raptors and kills some of them. On the side I’m dominatind the wrastler, a bonewarm and the other tentaclemonster kill some grotesques so the croaks can go to contest and shoot at my stuff.

I clear the croaks to dominate again, feat and engage the wrastler with the rest of my grotesques and engage everything with the raptors on the other side. My opponent can’t do much, she moves the vault into the zone and after clearing grotesques with the swamp horror charges both the boneswarm and a grave winded wrastler in but thanks to my feat doesn’t do anything. Jaga-Jaga goes to the other zone but the swamp horro fails with abysmal rolls and theres still one raptor left contesting.

I put fury and wraithbane on a neraph, kill the wrastler with it, charge a damaged vault with a forsaken and kills it, angelius kills the boneswarm and I control to win.

Game 3: Fyanna vs. Horgleimg_7924
We get paired against a team from Sweden thats in a little bit of hurry to get to their flight so we just agree to play against the guys we haven’t played against in a while. I get paired against a legendary podcaster and 2015 champion for European warmachine but now pretty much a memory from old times, The Golden Arrow himself. I don’t remember how many times we’ve played before but I’ve never won. He plays Horgle that we brought for him to borrow. I thought that I should demand it back.

I think I had to go first and I take the side with more cover, he runs turn one, I put most of my stuff outside his threat ranges or into cover, he sets neraphs on fire but doesn’t do too much damage.

Turn 2 I clear a few bushwackers from a flag with raptors and a neraph, bring my ambushers to run2engage a unit of sluggers on the other side activate Fyanna, put fury on the angelius and feat. What I did not do is walk outside the killbox. Oops. Then I charge Horthol, boost to hit with armorpiercing and miss realising that this is not good. Angelius won’t be able to trigger sprint so I need to repulse away a winter troll animus and hope against all odds that I have an angelius next turn. We score to 2-2.

My opponent plays his turn right, sets my stuff on fire and feats but manages to not kill too much thanks to pretty bad dice and my feat. Angelius dies as well as most of the grotesques but considering that I thought his feat only affected his battlegroup this was very good for me. If a neraph kills his objective and I can kill get an axer, Horthol (with IR) and some infantry of one flag I can score to win the game. Activating Fyanna I realize that I don’t have enough fury to do everything I want I decide to just keep attrition on and try to score 2 points. I kill a bouncer and some infantry and everything seems to go ok until I charge my neraph to the objective which I’m now reminded get the bonus armor from stone aura and fail to kill it, once again not triggering sprint and getting frozen by the winter troll animus. I score to 3-2.

Next turn my naga and both neraphs die but to do that my opponent finishes his own objective. He scores both flags and puts a lot of infatry within 4’’ of one and IR’d bomber and slugger on the other. Horgle camps 1 and the score is 4-3 to me. Seeing no other options I slipstream Fyanna out of Horthol’s melee range and flare Horgle but due to fire immunity can’t damage him with the seraph. Fyanna furies up and puts 5 pow 15s on him but I don’t even force a transfer. He scores to 5.

Playing against a good player with pretty equal lists was a lot of fun. I made a lot of mistakes because I didn’t know my opponents stuff at all and killboxed myself because I’m stupid.

So my games went 4-4 which isn’t my best result ever but then again I was always going to take this event easy. I also played lists that I was unfamiliar to me against lists I didn’t know at all and only lost to Swedish WTC players and Una2 if that helps.

Before this I was excited to play warmachine again and meeting awesome new people certainly helped that but holy shit playing against Una2 and High Reclaimer was stupid. Like I hate myself for laughing at GW players sticking to their mess kind of stupid. I have too many friends in too many I only meet in warmachine events to quit yet but if PP doesn’t get their shit together with OP stuff in the game were going to need to limit some stuff out of tournaments.


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